Electrical Mechanical & Gas

System Installation

System Installation

From small and simple to large-scale complex systems all new gas, electrical and mechanical installations are designed and completed to the highest standard so they are safe to use.

We work alongside you to consider all special factors according to circumstance. Each system is different and requires individual detailed technical drawings provided by us and helps to determine the price of the project within your budget.

All installations meet key criteria, protective measures and follow legal regulations where necessary always working to safe practices.

We ensure the secure fixing of systems and components, electrical continuity and maintenance of system integrity and avoidance of damage to components and system.

All work is inspected prior to starting the system to make sure work is carried out satisfactorily. The inspection and test procedure is carefully planned and carried out, and the results correctly documented.

Installations can include:

  • Demolition of part or all of existing systems
  • Size, type, and layout of ducting
  • Diffusers, heat registers, return air grilles, dampers
  • Turning vanes, ductwork insulation
  • HVAC unit
  • Thermostats

  • Electrical, water, and/or gas connections
  • Ventilation & Exhaust Systems
  • Heating and/or cooling load summary
  • Connection to existing systems
  • Smoke detector and firestat re-ducting
  • Heat loss and heat gain calculations

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