Hull City of Culture, 2017

Hull City of Culture has been the primary focus on everyones mind. But what does the year include? and what does the City of Culture bring?

2017 City of Culture has been sectioned into seasons, each celebrating and focus’s on something different about our unique city.

So what season’s are we getting?

Season One – Made in Hull

Jan – Mar

In this first Season,

Hull showcases what Hull is really made of, including many incredible performances through theatre, music, poetry and the ideas Hull has inspired.

Season Two – Roots and Routes

Apr – Jun

Hull is a opening to the UK, a great gateway through the marina and docking area. This chapter will explore our home, Hull in the ever changing world. As new partnerships, collaborations will form, as  our city Hull becomes the centre of the Culture for the UK for the year of 2017.

Season Three – Freedom

Jul – Sept

Over two season in and the celebrations underway, the city of culture will enter the Summer Season. Freedom is a platform for people to create, debate, reflect and reimagine. This season will celebration the inspirations and freedom of thought!

Season Four: – Tell the World

Oct – Dec

The fourth and final season is to celebration the qualities that made Hull the City of Culture for 2017. As 2017 draws to a close it will have been an exciting year, which can open doors to something new and has been something special for out city, its time to tell the world! Let’s see where this adventure takes us.